SOLVATTEN is a combined portable water treatment and solar water heater system that has been designed for use at the household level in the developing world. The product is unique and practical for a number of reasons, namely that it is able to produce both safe and warm water for its user, whilst most water treatment products designed for use in the developing world do not fulfil families’ warm water needs. SOLVATTEN belongs to a small group of water-purification devices that are capable of achieving the ‘highly protective’ status, and with 42,000 units distributed worldwide, SOLVATTEN is saving lives on a daily basis.

The device has been specially designed to meet the needs of its users, and withstand the rigours of poverty. The portability of SOLVATTEN means that those forced to travel long distances to obtain water are able to do so with more ease and comfort. It is made of durable plastic materials and requires no batteries, chemicals or spare parts. The unit has an average lifespan of 7-10 years, meaning it withstands those early years when children are most susceptible to waterborne diseases.

Another great thing about SOLVATTEN is that it creates warm water – up to 75°C. To help you imagine how warm this is, the preferred drinking temperature for tea is 56-60°C. Water at this temperature is perfect for a number of household and hygiene purposes, such as cooking, hand washing, bathing and domestic cleaning. Users that want cooler water can simply place their unit in the shade once the water has been purified. The value and dignity of warm water is sometimes easy to neglect – consider living a day without warm water for showering, cooking and handwashing. Furthermore, imagine giving birth or caring for a newborn baby without safe, warm water…