World Refugee Day

Did you know that 24 people leave their homes, lifes and families every minute for a uncertain future as a refugee? Today, it’s World Refugee Day, a day dedicated to all the 65 million people trying to survive the day as refugees. Solvatten are collaborating with several refugee camps, such as Kakuma, Kenya, to give these people a better life with safe water.
Since 2014 the Solvatten project in Kakuma, Kenya have been improving the life situations for approximately 92.000 people. Kakuma is an area where people live in extreme poverty and where waterborne diseases and other diseases related to poverty have a serious impact on the population. Since the realization of this project the circumstances of life has been significantly improved for the majority of the users.
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BBC Horizons Feature Solvatten

In this weeks program, the BBC Horizons visit founder of Solvatten, Petra Wadström. Great that BBC now highlights an innovation that can save millions of lives and ease the burdens for millions of women and families living in poverty around the world.

Petra Wadström Swedish Elle Social Entrepreneur of the year

ELLE and Le Comptoir de l’Innovation have created a unique award dedicated to female social entrepreneurship, the “ELLE IMPACT² AWARD”. Female entrepreneurs from all around the world have been rewarded and portrayed by ELLE magazines. National competitions have been driven in nine countries. All the national finalists met in Paris in April 2016 for the 5th Impact² Ceremony. Petra Wadström, founder and CEO of Solvatten was one of them!

Implementation of hot, clean water project empowers women

In order to implement and roll out the technology we recommend a livelihood approach focusing on women empowerment. By making Solvatten available as a business assets for the following types of entrepreneurs, distribution and uptake is ensured and economic activity is boosted.

– Street food vendors

– Small eateries/restaurants

– Fresh beverage vendors

– Beautician

– Hair stylists and barbers

– Canned goods /preserve/honey making businesses

– Clean water sellers

– Dairy micro farmers

– Vegetables vendors

– Poultry vendors

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Not just clean water

Over 90 000 people in Turkana county, Kenya are now benefiting from Solvatten.
In a joint project with local health ministry, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Unicef and UNHCR have implemented the swedish solar safe water heaters.
Two years into the project findings show high uptake amongst the beneficiaries.
There are significant reductions of skin disease and eye infections that indicates the relevance safe, hot water for improved hygiene practice and wellbeing.


Read more here:

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) website

Solvatten win UNFCCC lighthouse award

Swedish Solvatten has been awarded the prestigious “Momentum for Change Lighthouse Award” spearheaded by the UN Climate Change secretariat, UNFCCC. This award shines a light on game changing activities across the globe that are moving the world toward a sustainable, low-carbon future. Solvatten provides energy efficiency and safe water for the people most vulnerable to climate change.

– We are very proud and excited to receive this UN validation and prestigious recognition. Together we can better the lives of millions of people around the world. Solvatten is like a toolbox that adresses all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and we already work in partnership with governments, organisations and business to increase the number of users, says Petra Wadström, Founder, CEO and inventor of Solvatten.

Our award-winning project recognized by the UNFCC project was implemented in Kenya’s urban slums thanks to funding through the Nordic Climate Facility ( financed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and administered by NEFCO. The project was implemented together with local partner the Institute of Environment and Water Management (

Key facts of the project:

  • 2,592 Solvatten systems have been distributed and sold in Kenya, benefitting 12,900 people in Nairobi’s urban slums
  • 22,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced in Nairobi’s urban slums after four years of Solvatten use
  • Almost 30,000 litres of water per Solvatten system have been treated since 2012
  • More than 42,000 Solvatten systems are used daily by more than 200,000 people around the world

Find more information about the award here.


17 ways Solvatten contributes to the 17 SDG´s

This September, the United Nations is promoting a new sustainable development agenda by encouraging countries to adopt a set of global goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

No Poverty: Solvatten tackles some of the underlying factors that keep people in poverty. It improves health and productivity; it saves money and time, therefore it helps people lift themselves out of poverty.

No Hunger: Poor hygiene and lack of safe water play a big role in leading to and exacerbating malnutrion among children especially. Solvatten directly tackles water and hygiene related diseases, such as intestinal worms. The heated water makes the transition from breastmilk easier and less risky.

Good Health: Since Solvatten can reduce the incidence of diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases among users, and especially in children, many lives can be saved. Using Solvatten keeps the poverty related diseases away. Safe water and improved hygiene practices will reduce vulnerability to the major infectious diseases.

Quality Education: Good health makes time for school. So will easing the heavy load for children to provide the household with firewood and water from distant water sources. Globally 300-400 million days of schooling are missed because children have diarrhoea. 

Gender Equality: When parents in developing countries have insufficient money for school fees, they often send the boys to school, and not the girls. The time and money saved by replacing use of solid fuels  will provide time for income-generating activities and give more girls the opportunity to go to school. Women are saving up to 3 hours a day when using Solvatten. Less time spent on finding fuel in unsafe locations means less exposure and incidence of gender-based violence. 

Clean Water and Sanitation: Apart from being a technology that purifies water to the highest level of WHO guidelines for safe water, Solvatten also recognizes the importance of heated water for hygiene and health.

Renewable Energy: Solvatten runs on 100% green power, the sun.

Good Jobs and Economic Growth: Solvatten will provide time and opportunity for income-generating activities. Fewer sick days means fewer days without work and pay, while every extra year in school means higher income as an adult. Solvatten also provides its users with business opportunities, as it increases the quality of the goods (e.g. milk) or services (e.g hairstylists) they provide

Innovation and Infrastructure: Solvatten is an innovative technology bridging humanitarian aid and development while recognizing and utilizing the water-energy nexus, leading to resource efficiency.

Reduced Inequalities: Hot and cold water from a tap at home is a distant dream for more than a billion people. Equality means equal access to the basics that create a dignified life.

Sustainable Cities and Communities: Solvatten provides a sustainable clean energy and water solution that is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral, it provides for a safer and cleaner community. Being energy and water efficient, Solvatten eases the pressures that increasing urbanization puts on energy and fresh water supplies. It also makes urban communities less vulnerable to utility service cuts and water-related disasters.

Responsible Consumption: Solvatten improves water, energy, and time efficiency.

Climate Action: Over 800 million households worldwide currently use solid fuels. For every one of these households CO2 emissions could be reduced by 1 ton per year if they changed from heating/boiling with solid fuels to using Solvatten

Life Below Water: Through reducing CO2 emissions, Solvatten reduces ocean acidification which negatively impacts ocean ecosystems.

Life On Land: Since 2009, Solvatten has reduced the need to burn over 1,000 hectares of forest.

Peace and Justice: People have to coexist with very few resources which can lead to conflicts over water and fuelwood. Going solar with SOLVATTEN is helping to drive down conflict by reducing people’s need for fuel, water and helping to build healthier families and communities.

Partnerships for the Goals: Solvatten engages people, organisations and other companies throughout the world. This is creating awareness, practical action and business opportunities locally and internationally. We work through partnerships that span the private sector, the not-for-profit sector and academia. What’s more, we do not work in developmental silos – but bridge health, energy, environment, economic and gender empowerment, disaster relief and development issues for a cross-sectoral approach.

If you are interested in aligning your company or organisation around these goals Solvatten is an ideal way to get involved in this global effort.

Practical. Durable. Proven

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Now it is super easy to help out! Just send a text message to 72980 SOLVATTEN. 150 SEK gives 10’000 litres of safe water. This summer campaign supports our safe water project in Turkana.