With a few litres of clean drinking water

SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences recently published a cost benefit analysis of the socio-economic effects from implementing household water treatment in rural India. Erik Boije and Gustaf Eskhult (Agricultural program- Economic’s and Management) conducted the study based on the performance of three technologies: Solvatten, Elextrolux Oxy3 and Airwaterwell in the regions Gujarat, Harayana and Uttar Pradesh.  The cost efficiency and social impact numbers of Solvatten  outperformed the alternatives by far. The social impact factor obtained from the study was 1:36. With a 36 times the investment, it makes a lot of sense for a subsidy to be put in place to help an indian household gain access to the Solvatten solution.

The online publication can be found here: http://stud.epsilon.slu.se (no833 ISSN1401-4084)


Happy Holidays!

This year we invite you to participate in a fundraise for the people of Turkana in north Kenya. Life in this arid region of Kenya is harder than most of us can imagine. Here, every day is a struggle for survival. Our partner organization the Norwegian Refugee Council, NRC has conducted a baseline study in the region and it found that less than 35% sourced their water from public water supply points. The risks for catching water related disease is significant and many children fall ill during their childhood in this chronically poor region. But SOLVATTEN can really help here.

We ask for your help to reach this years target and send 72 SOLVATTEN to the families of Turkana. Donate here and we will send you 10 digital SOLVATTEN postcards from Turkana!



Reaching € 7’848 will help us deliver 72 SOLVATTEN Systems. It will bring a better and more dignified life to approximately 400 people.


Training session in Kakuma



Distribution in Kakuma, Turkana, Kenya

Time for the local communities in Kakuma to get to know how SOLVATTEN can help to improve health, save money and energy. The Norwegian Refugee Council conducts training session where beneficiaries gets information on the importance of hygiene and safe water to improve health. Understanding how money and time can be saved with SOLVATTEN is key to changed behavior.



Cotton made in Africa

The “Cotton made in Africa” initiative helps to improve the living conditions of African cotton farmers and their families. Solvatten founder and inventor, Petra Wadström invited keynote speaker at the conference in Köln.

Energy and water at Stockholm Water Week

The theme of this year’s Stockholm Water Week is energy and water. Energy and water scarcity are often interrelated issues that require a cross sector approach – SOLVATTEN has proven highly effective at bridging this gap. The development sector frequently assumes that fulfilling people’s water needs is simply about providing drinking water. In reality, such an approach is somewhat short-sighted – families need water for a variety of additional household activities, such as bathing, cooking, and cleaning.

This is where SOLVATTEN is such an effective tool – it absorbs energy from the sun, warming the water and making it suitable for a number of household purposes aside from drinking. Not only is this a sustainable, renewable method, but it saves users meaningful amounts of money on their energy costs. This is a key reason why SOLVATTEN is so valued by its users, and why they use it on a daily basis.

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Highly protective water treatment

SOLVATTEN belongs to an exceptionally small group of water treatment systems that can treat bacteria, viruses and parasites at highly protective levels. Chlorine and most filters for instance cannot reach the highly protective level set in WHO guidelines for safe drinking water.

SOLVATTEN offers protection for soil-transmitted helminths
Parasitic and intestinal worms affect billions of people worldwide. Soil-transmitted helminths – which include hookworm, roundworms and whipworms – have been recognized as an important public health problem in many developing countries. 

Those suffering from a hookworm infection often suffer from both nutritional deficiency and anaemia. Improving hygiene with safe, warm water is an effective way to prevent soil-transmittable diseases.

Continue reading about the relevance of safe, warm water.

Cholera prevention with UNICEF

In Uganda, it is a common sight to see women and children taking water from polluted rivers and lakes. Contaminated wells are another common water resource and, due to this lack of options, people often fall ill. People have been advised to boil water before use, but very few do it consistently. It is costly, time consuming and burning fires has many health risks. Furthermore, boiling and heating water with fuelwood depletes local vegetation resources.

UNICEF helps communities at a high risk of contracting cholera. SOLVATTEN has a positive impact on the health of those living in these communities; in addition to improving food and water hygiene, it encourages other safe practices such as regular hand washing. This is UNICEF Uganda’s second batch of SOLVATTEN, and was delivered thanks to support from NORES, Humlegarden and Axfood.

Campaigning for Safe water in Turkana


SOLVATTEN users in Songot, Turkana. The arid north western part of Kenya where water is scarce. People use contaminated water that they scoop up from holes in dry river beds. Water born diseases are common here.

SOLVATTEN users in Songot, Turkana -located in north western Kenya where water is scarce. People use contaminated water that is scooped up from holes dug in dry river beds. Water born diseases are common here.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Erling Persson Family Foundation, SOLVATTEN has launched a safe water campaign for Kakuma. Erling Persson was the founder of H&M and today Stefan Persson, his son, is the chairman of the family’s philanthropic foundation. The Turkana campaign aims to reach more than 100,000 people and is being implemented by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). 

All fundraising is administered by SOLVATTEN’s Charitable Foundation. The foundation has been set up to improve the lives of people living in chronic poverty without safe water in an environmentally sustainable way. 

Join our campaign to better the lives for 100’000 people! Lets go! 
Lets go!