Solvatten field report from Tacloban

mars 22, 2014

PLAN, Ninita in LeyteIn November 2013 Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines with record wind speed. A sea sludge, about 3-4 meters high was brought in with the wind that destroyed almost everything in its way. Tacloban, a city with about 400 000 residents was one of the regions that got worst hit.

Today, four months later, Tacloban is starting to recover but tens of thousands are still without a permanent home and/or source of income. The major income in this region is cocoanut palm trees of which many plantations was destroyed. For the whole region effected by the typhoon, it is estimated that about 4 million people still are without a permanent home, electricity, access to safe water, proper hygiene and sanitation facilities.

PLAN International can now through generous support of WSP Sweden, Qatar Airways, and Stockholm Business Region provide the Swedish safe, warm water solution SOLVATTEN, to mothers and their new-borns.

The systems are being used in the health facilities of Leyte and Samar and will continue to help during the time of recovery and will improve the level of resilience in the event of future challenges.

Read more in  March 2014 Newsletter.



februari 7, 2014

Turkana Solvatten OXFAMThe international NGO OXFAM has made a trial of Solvatten in the desert land of the Turkana, one of the poorest regions in Kenya. John Erupe, WASH specialist from OXFAM, has provided us with two fascinating case stories about how Solvatten has transformed the lives of its users. Read the story of Jane Akatapan.

The NGO, LWF World Service has also distributed Solvatten in the same region  with great results. This partner organization will continue to distribute and inform beneficiaries how to treat and heat water with Solvatten.

Thanks to the generous support of private donors, and companies such as Humlegården, Mitsubishi Corporation, SWECO, BNP Paribas, Aqua Biota, Nestlé, AQ Arkitekter and Terracom, Solvatten will improve life for thousands of refugees and people living in the host community of Kakuma, Kenya.

Would you like to contribute with Solvatten to this project? Click here.



februari 7, 2014


Think about giving birth in a place where the storm of a century has hit, with no safe water, no electricity and no light. Gone are the conveniences of modern living at time when it is most needed. This is the reality of many mothers and infants in the Phillipines today. As water infrastructure has been damaged and electric supply is not expected to be functional for a long time, many of the health facilities do not have access to clean, safe and warm water. These challenges can be critical to the health of the mother and a new born.

PLAN International can now through generous support of Qatar Airways, WSP Sweden and Stockholm Business Region distribute the Swedish Solvatten solution  to mothers and their new-borns. The systems will help the damaged community health facilities in Leyte and Samar, as part of the program “Supporting basic and essential maternal, new-born and child health and nutrition activities after typhoon Yolanda”. 

”The access to safe, warm water when giving birth reduces the risk of life- threatening infections. Solvatten is a tool that makes water safe to use and helps to improve hygiene, which is important for health”, says Petra Wadström, founder and CEO of Solvatten.

This cooperation has been realized through Qatar Airways, WSP Sweden and Stockholm Business Region. With the help from PLAN International, Solvatten is now reaching some of the most exposed health clinics hit by the typhoon.
“Since Qatar Airways traffics two airports in Manila, it was natural for us to find a way to help residents in the Philippines who have been affected by the typhoon. This is our second disaster relief response where we contribute with Solvatten to assist a humanitarian project- last time was during the floods in Pakistan. We have seen how Solvatten contributes long-term and gives fundamental help to many people, and we felt it was important to contribute once again. The Plan International project is very important and we are grateful that they assist with the distribution of Solvatten on location”, says Günter Saurwein, Nordic Manager for Qatar Airways.

“About 24 000 deliveries take place every day in the areas affected by typhoon Haiyan and most of the clinics are destroyed. Plan is very greatful for this contribution – clean water is essential to provide safe care for pregnant mothers and newborns, who are among the most vulnerable groups in disasters like this” says Sofia Klemming Nordenskiold spokesperson for Plan International who recently visited the affected areas in the Philippines.

For more information contact:
David Wadstrom
Marketing and Communications
T: +4687772905


februari 7, 2014

water_mali copyThe international ”Energy Globe Award” has selected Solvatten as one of the top water initiatives in the world. The projects were selected by the Energy Globe Jury from over 1000 submissions. The primary objective of the Foundation is to create a higher level of awareness all over the world concerning the necessity of using resources in a sustainable manner, especially as far as energy is concerned. 

Petra Wadström, founder of Solvatten participated at the award ceremony in Salzburg, Austria where experiences from the field of energy and sustainability were shared.

For more information regarding the project that was submitted to Energy Globe Award, visit the WASH Plus forum.

World Innovation Health Conference

december 9, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 15.13.33

Invited to Doha to demonstrate SOLVATTEN, (safe warm water), to everyone interested and especially the ones who can help us connect to the maternal health sector and its providers to the underserved rural/semi-urban populations.

We  offer a user-friendly  technology that can save lives and that serves a family through an entire childhood. Already  thousands of families are using the system  and the opportunities to live a better life grows with every Solvatten we deliver. We have learnt from our projects that having safe, warm water at home improves and sustains hygiene habits and practices. To quote a true mastermind, Nelson Mandela who’s words and spirit will live forever:

”Overcoming poverty is the right to dignity and a decent life. While poverty persists, there is no true freedom”

Presentation in full:

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